Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Reinforcement of the obsession

After that first season working at the snow I had made new friends and gained a lot of life skills, it was after all my first time living out of home. Changing from a family of 5 environment to a 3 bedroom unit with 6 strangers is a unique experience and one I am forever grateful I had.

Not just because of the adventures we all had, friends made or lost, the variety of people I lived with or the new things I was exposed to, it was an adventure and I was doing it myself and supporting myself. I saved $1200 the first season and I thought I was a millionaire, it was the first time I'd had that amount of money in my bank account and I was a little scared about what to do with it. Some said "just buy a ticket overseas and worry about everything else later" the everything else was where to stay, what to do where to work etc.

I wasn't too sure about that, doing something without knowing the exit strategy wasn't my thing back then, so after speaking with my Aunt in brissy she got me an interview for Great Keppel Island. So I got the job and headed up on the bus, airfares were too expensive back then, and when I got there was blown away. The Island was exactly what I had expected and I was doing something new, but safe.

I joined the house keeping team as a house maid and proceeded to learn how to clean rooms professionally. Ahhhhh the joys of cleaning rooms, it had it's ups and surprises (lots and lots of tips) and downs (festy feral guests who left anything and everything anywhere and expected it would be cleaned for them). here's a tip - if you leave used condoms or tampons out house keeping will not clean them up, nor should you expect them to dirty people!

I don't have any photo's in electronic form of this period, only memories to tell, but there are too many to put into words for now.

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