Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Birth of a snow obsession

How did I become totally and utterly obsessed with snow? It's more than a passion, it's like I've got an obsessive compulsive disorder that compels me to love everything about snow and want to be involved in all things snow. One of my friends has me in her phone as Suse snow although that could also reflect her love of the snow.....

I should start at the beginning, my first glimpse of snow I don't remember as I w
as roughly 2, still in nappies and it was summer! My parents took my 2 older sisters and myself on a christmas farm stay holiday in berridale NSW in 1974, back in the
day you could drive to the base of Mt Kosciusko and walk up some stairs to the summit. I use the term summit loosely as it's more a small hill on top of other hills, so not quite as majestic as other 'Mountains'.

I digress....

So my first glimpse of snow was at the highest point on the Australian mainland and from what I am told I tried everything to wriggle out of mum's arms to get down onto the patches of snow still present. My sisters both made snow balls and played in the snow, but i wasn't allowed to, so unfair.

Eighteen years passed before my next encounter with snow, I had finished high school and deferred my uni course when I saw an ad in the Sydney Morning Herald for cashiers at Mt Blue Cow. I'm not sure why I applied or what I thought i was really doing, but I applied and got the job and started in the last week of May in 1991.

On my first day of work in the bistro the view was inhibited by fog, on the 2nd day there was a blizzard in full swing. I spent quite a bit of time nose pressed against one of the windows mesmerised by the falling flakes swirling around being buffeted by the wind, it was magical.

From that moment I was hooked, 100% hooked.

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